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Entrepreneur: A CEOs Lessons In American Capitalism - By: Charlie Thomas and Joanna Posner

Book Cover -Entrepreneur: A CEOs Lessons In American Capitalism - By: Charlie Thomas and Joanna Posner Click to Buy the Book

About the Book

In spite of recent stumbles, the unique American dream is alive and well as demonstrated in Entrepreneur, the amazing chronicle of one man’s journey through one of the most frenetic periods in American business history. Charlie Thomas recounts for us his struggle to build his business from an idea to a hugely successful IPO. During nine years at the helm Charlie recounts his path from start-up, to Wall Street darling to experiencing the telecom implosion firsthand. He shares his numerous “Lessons Learned” which entrepreneurs, college students, and laymen alike will find inspirational and educational. Entrepreneur offers a compelling account of growing a company through the market explosion of the 90’s to the shocking crises of the early 21st Century. Entrerpreneur will be interesting and educational for any existing business owners, anyone planning to start a company, and college students about to enter the business world.

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"Charlie Thomas epitomizes the definition of an Entrepreneur. As a fellow technology entrepreneur in the D.C. region, I grew SIGNAL Corporation to revenue in excess of $250 million before selling to Veridian Corporation (NYSE:VNX) during the same time that Charlie was building Net2000 (NASDAQ:NTKK). His experience in founding and leading a company from scratch to one with over $150 million in revenues, 1200 employees, and an IPO -- and then presiding over the telecom implosion -- allowed him to live through most every conceivable entrepreneurial trial, tribulation, high and low. His lessons learned are invaluable to anyone interested in business."
- Roger Mody
  Former Chairman and CEO, SIGNAL Corporation
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